We are Pet Friendly

At the Montecchia group we always aim to improve your experience while playing your favorite sport.

That is why all our golf courses and courses have been "Pet Friendly" for some time now.

La Montecchia Green

Located at Golf della Montecchia Club House, in what was once an old tobacco dryer which, thanks to a careful restoration that has preserved the original features, is now a welcoming and elegant room.

It transmits the elegance of the Italian style and the passion for food and wine with eco-sustainable quality catering that allows you to satisfy every need thanks to the talent of young and talented chefs.

The Montecchia Performance Center

Located in the wonderful surroundings of Golf della Montecchia, the Montecchia Performance Center is an innovative structure to train and improve fitness and health.

The rooms are equipped with modern TechnoGym® equipment and many other high-tech tools to check and improve athletic condition. It is possible to practice indoor golf and request advice and treatments for psychophysical well-being.

A sustainable tournament

Play Golf 54 by Montecchia group together with US Kids Golf always committed to sustainability. Here are some actions taken in past editions and now improved for the Venice Open 2023:

US Kids Venice Open 2023

Our golf courses: Golf della Montecchia, Golf Club Frassanelle and Golf Galzignano Terme; will host the ninth edition of the international competition U.S. Kids Venice Open, the prestigious youth event that this 2023 is destined to exceed all expectations in terms of participants.

GEO Award 2023

On the occasion of the first day of the Montecchia National Trophy by TECMA, dr. Paolo Donega' representing the Istituto per il Credito Sportivo, presented the certificates of two environmental certifications to the Golf della Montecchia.

A unique experience

For years the trend in golf has changed; most of the visitors are not looking for a course with a perfect design, but to live an experience that remains marked in their lives and can tell their friends and family.

The future is to be more sustainable

The latest generation robotic lawnmowers have high performance for the maintenance of large areas, being equipped with the technology to operate without the aid of perimeter wires. They work autonomously and systematically within the virtual boundaries, allowing for flexible turf care.

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