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Sustainability Champions

For more than 30 years, our goal has been to develop the sport of golf in an environmentally friendly way, applying techniques and implementing projects that allow us to conserve and improve the natural resources that we have.

The Montecchia Group has received numerous awards over the years: "Impegnati nel verde", "GEO Certified", "IAGTO Sustainability Award", among others.

The present and future goal of the group is to continue improving in a sustainable way to reduce our carbon footprint.

Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly

Since 2018 our golf courses have allowed pets, considering the importance of the bond between people and animals; that today are a fundamental part of the family.

Golf courses are the ideal places to implement this type of initiative, allowing you to enjoy outdoors in the company of your best friend.

Our team continues to work to improve the experience during the game, distributing bowls of water along the course.

Biological products

We grow vegetables and aromatic herbs in our biological garden without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. This is how we guarantee healthy and zero kilometer products in our restaurant "La Montecchia Green"; located in our course Golf della Montecchia, a few kilometers from Padova.

In the kitchen we are committed to reducing waste and getting the most of each ingredient. In addition, we work in synergy with local suppliers that share our sustainability values.

Biological Garden
Operation Pollinator

Operation Pollinator

The progressive disappearance of natural habitats and pollution are causing a constant decline in pollinating insects, crucial for environmental balance.

For this reason, in 2019 Montecchia Group has launched, in collaboration with the experts of the "Esapolis" museum of Padova, a project that aims to create new habitats for pollinating and non-pollinating insects; placing throughout the golf course houses of insects and hives for the production of honey.

That is why for 4 years we have been producing "milebuche" ("thousand holes"), a sustainable honey that helps us to continue with the "Operation pollinator" project.

U.S. Kids Venice Open

Our mission it's been always to promote sport from youth. That is why for years we have organized the U.S. Kids Venice Open, an international tournament in collaboration with the U.S. Kids Golf, the largest children's golf foundation in the world.

PlayGolf54 by Montecchia group is the only facility in the Veneto region with 72 holes among its 4 courses. This tournament is the second largest Children's International Golf Championship to be held in Europe and is an annual summer fixture on the global children's golf events calendar.

The main goal is to introduce all children to high quality golf in a healthy and competitive playing experience in an international environment.

US Kids Venice Open

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