A unique experience

A unique experience

For years the trend in golf has changed; most of the visitors are not looking for a course with a perfect design, but to live an experience that remains marked in their lives and can tell their friends and family.

Golf is increasing the number of players in the world, it is a sport that allows you to be in contact with nature and breathe fresh air. It is also the only sport that allows the whole family to play at the same time, from the little ones to the grandparents and spend a whole day with the family.

Play Golf 54 by Montecchia group has always been committed to improving the experience of members and friends who visit us every year, incorporating new implementations that allow our destination to stand out from other places.

For example, in our Albarella Golf Links course we have been changing certain parts of the course for a few years to make you live the experience of playing on a private island, in a links golf course in the purest British style in northern Italy and with a fauna that will leave you speechless.

Among the latest improvements, in 2023 we have raised the tee of hole 4 and lowered the height of the plants so the sea is visible from the tee. In addition, this helps players to have a better position to attack this par 5 that outlines the island.


In addition to this tee, in previous years we have raised the 16th hole and opened the 18th hole to the sea, creating a green tunnel with views of the beach and the sea, unbeatable for the player.

Among the group's plans is the continuous improvement in the experience and sustainability of our golf courses, such as: the changes of the flags of holes 18, the automation of operations with new technologies, reduction of the use of chemical products, etc.

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