A Sustainable Oasis at Golf della Montecchia.

A Sustainable Oasis at Golf della Montecchia.

Welcome to 2024, a great year to discover our golf courses and enjoy practicing your favorite sport. We're excited to share the eco-friendly wonders of our Green Course at Golf della Montecchia, one of the most sustainable courses of the world.

Here's a glimpse into the innovative and sustainable practices that make our course a haven for both golf enthusiasts and nature lovers.

1- Bermuda Grass in Fairways:

Patriot-Bermuda hybrid for cold resistance and self-healing.
70% water (and electricity) savings, 100% reduction in chemicals.
Winter resilience without overseeding, ensuring playability.

2- Bermuda Greens (Miniverde):

70% less water (and energy), eliminating chemical use.

3- Zoysia Rings Around Bunkers:

Zoysia grass for slow growth and density to prevent weed growth.

4- Electric Lawn Mowers:

Robotic mowers for zero CO2 emissions and reduced soil compaction.

5- Wild Areas:

Uncultivated zones for reduced mowing, promoting native flora and fauna.
Collaborative study with the University of Padova for enhanced naturalization.

6- Pollinator Project:

Beehives, insect houses, and increased flowers in wild areas to support biodiversity.

7- Drainage-Friendly Bunkers:

Bunkers constructed with new draining concrete, recovering water and reducing maintenance.

8- Recycle, Reduce, Reuse:

Creation of structures with up to 95% recycled materials and using desused objects for other purposes.

9- Innovative Tee Box System:

Distance-based, not gender-based, promoting personalized experiences for more enjoyment.

10-Pet-Friendly Atmosphere:

Welcoming pets to enhance the overall golfing experience.

Join us in embracing sustainability, innovation and a deep appreciation for both the game and the environment at Play Golf 54 by Montecchia Group. Here's to a greener, more enjoyable golfing future!

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